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I look forward to my sessions with Katriinka every week. I was a bit nervous as a vocal novice, but she has been building my skills and my confidence in singing. Working with Katriinka, I feel both encouraged and challenged to improve my skills. I really appreciate the personal attention and how the exercises and songs we work on are selected for both my voice and skill level. I can highly recommend lessons with Katriinka for people of all skill levels. She is a very talented singer and coach!


Empathic and very patient teacher. I needed some time to really ease into singing in front of someone since I am very shy, but Katriinka really built up my confidence and made me feel like we are good friends chatting. I always look forward our lessons!

Victoria Bel

I am happy I found someone who is so supportive of me fulfilling my dream at my age. I never thought I could get back to singing and the amount of support I got from Kat is really fueling my fire. Enjoying my lessons tons.

Peter K.

Coach Kat is an effective and efficient teacher! I have seen improvement in my my voice and my listening skills with notes after just the 1st session. She understood what I want and have given exercises according to my level and what is going to help me progress to achieve both of my short term and long term goals. I don’t feel rush and instead she is taking her time with me in every session. I appreciate this so much because I have a full time job and her flexibility with rescheduling and maximizing our 1 hour/ week session to be able to hone my skill or talent to its maximum potential!
17 September 2021


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